Boutique style executive recruiting since 2006.

A small task force of 8 permanent people, flexible and discrete. Owner management ensures total commitment until the job is really done.

German quality

3 Seasoned German recruitment consultants understand the needs, requirements and culture of Western companies and ensure “German quality” in our project execution. Candidates are interviewed by a Chinese and a German colleague together.

Chinese flexibility

4 Chinese in-house researchers are working hand in hand with our German recruitment consultants.
This provides customized solutions for each and every individual client requirement.

Strict work process

Our work process is based on 13 years executive recruiting experience in China. This process is written down and it is thoroughly executed.

Our Executive Recruiting Approach

Different from local “headhunters”, we invest time, energy and know-how to understand our client’s recruitment requirements. The knowledge of our client’s philosophy, products and markets enables us to create an individual search concept and to identify the most suitable specialists and executives. Last but not least, we promote the “German quality image” of our clients, to attract the best people in the market place.

1). Demand analysis and clarification

First of all we discuss the requirements for the position to be filled. In general we also visit the client company on site, in order to gain a personal impression of the work environment.

2). Search profile development

Following the discussions with the client, we prepare the specifications: outlining the organization, detailing the real responsibility and tasks, requirements, reporting lines, remuneration and timing.

3). Research and screening

All conversations at this stage are conducted in absolute confidence, without revealing the identity of our client, unless otherwise agreed. In order to identify suitable candidates we use the following state-of-the-art research and communication tools.

  • Sourcing in target companies
  • Advertisements on websites
  • Advertisements in print media
  • w+p online application form
  • w+p database
  • Personal contacts and network
  • Unsolicited applications

4). Interviewing

After having checked qualifications and motivation in carefully conducted telephone interviews, we invite potential candidates for a face-to-face interview.
During the interview process, we discreetly examine the candidate’s professional knowledge and abilities, personality, social skills and intercultural competence as well as future goals. If we believe the candidate is suitable, we present the client’s organization and check the candidate’s commitment and readiness for the new position. At the end of this process, we determine whether to recommend the candidate to the client or to continue our candidate selection in China.

5). Client interview planning and presentation

We prepare a confidential report for short-listed candidates (w+p CV). After the client’s decision, we will assist in making the necessary interview arrangements. The interview with the client can either take place at the client’s site or at our centrally located office, where we can assure adequate confidentiality until a mutual decision is agreed upon.

6). Client and candidate debriefs

After the client interview, we discuss the results with the client and the candidate individually, in order to plan the next steps or to adjust the further search.

7). Offer preparation and completion of the project

Once the interviews have been completed, we frequently help our client negotiate a mutually acceptable remuneration package to conclude the recruitment. The assignment is complete once the candidate begins the employment with our client’s company.